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Latest News

Very essential info for what to feed your beloved pets

Very essential info for what to feed your beloved pets. Please take the time. Always research.

You are what you eat and so is your pet!
Thatís our simple philosophy at Four Muddy Paws! Your petís behavior, health and overall well-being depend on what you feed them. Feeding an all-natural diet is the cornerstone to your petís health. Whether itís a home-cooked meal or a combination of fresh ingredients together with an all-natural pet food everything your pet eats plays an important role in their overall well-being. Your petís good health starts here!

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This is True Love and Dedication

This is True Love and Dedication. This family defied unbelievable hardships and even death, yet didn't abandon their pet...while some of us do so easily for the most selfish and stupid of reasons...

The tiny Turkish Van, called Kunkush, is about 3 years old and came over on a rubber boat with a family (a mother and her five children) from Mosul, Iraq.

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Another Successful Medical case; Bellia

Bellia; a beautiful Pitbul mix puppy was rescued and brought to SPARE months ago by a great Egyptian animal lover/rescuer Sally Adlly.

Bellia had a hurrendous injury. With LOTS of TLC, as you can see from the photos, She's healing nicely and has equally grown in to a stunner.

It isn't always easy to deal with such cases due to severity, time etc... We will help you care for your beloved pets/rescues in a clean, loving and caring environment until they are well. Kindly contact/Visit us.

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A Very 'Wee' Happy Ending! Flo

A Maltese mix puppy was rescued from a petstore in horrible condition by an animal lover and brought to SPARE for Cleanup/Treatment a few days ago.

While at SPARE, a kind animal loving/rescuer couple came to visit and saw her. They fell in love with Flo and adopted her.

Flo will be joining her new family in a couple of days!

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SPARE's Daily Cases

Every day different cases present themselves. From rescues and strays to pets. Each case is unique. From basic illnesses and Sterilizations (Spay/Neuter) to overall check ups and Flea/Tick treatments, Grooming etc.

Thank you for your constant support and belief in SPARE. The least we can ever do for these sentient beings is give them the basic care and comfort they deserve and advising their caregivers and others of the proper ways to care for them via free/low cost treatments for those of no to little means and other ways.

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The Cats of Islamic Cairo: A Photo Essay

Photographer Walter Rothwell is a very interesting one. Heís a street photographerĖand a damned good one. Heís also partially blind. Plus, heís travelled and done his craft for many years now. For some time, he lived in Cairo on and off working on a documentary but found the locals to be not very welcoming to street photography. ďI have been photographing in cities for years but never experienced anything like it.

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Je suis Fatma Naout

Egyptian secular writer Fatima Naoot will have to spend the next three years behind bars after being found guilty of insulting Islam. The charges stem from a Facebook post that was published in October 2015 in which Naoot spoke against the inhumane practice of sacrificing sheep on Eid al-Adha, a tradition that has been carried out for thousands of years. She describe the tradition as one of the most inhumane practices carried out by human beings.

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Who can stop these thugs?

Who can stop these thugs from torturing the dogs ?

مين عنده الشجاعة الكافية انه يواجه البلطجية الجرمين دول ؟؟؟ حرام كده الناس بتابعت لي من كل حتة تستنجد بي و انا ما اعرفش اتفاهم مع النوعية دي دي محتاجة رجالة شجعان

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Two Crocodiles swimming happily in Ismaileya canal

Two Crocodiles swimming happily in Ismaileya canal ...How and Why ? because they are sold in pet shops, in Aswan and in many other places in Egypt mainly the Friday Market , people buy the and after they grow up they throw them in the Nile or any Canal .The Crocodiles are also very abused in Egypt.

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Award from Germany to S.P.A.R.E
Award from Germany to S.P.A.R.E

جائزة عالمية من المانيا لجمعيتي سبير و رفع العلم المصري و عزف السلام الوطني المصري في المانيا من اسعد لحظات حياتي

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