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What You Never Knew About Dairy!!!

Victorian abbatoir accused of cruel treatment of unwanted dairy calves

Video obtained by Lateline from the lobby group Animals Australia appears to show cruel treatment of so-called bobby calves being sent to slaughter. The industry says mistreatment is a rare occurrence and that some farmers are using technology to drastically cut the number of male calves being born.

Hamish Fitzsimmons reports.

HAMISH FITZSIMMONS, REPORTER: They're one of the by-products of the dairy industry. Male calves on a dairy farm don't serve much purpose. Within days of their birth, they're sent to the abattoir to be processed into veal and sometimes that trip can be rough. This vision was given to animal rights groups late last year. It shows male calves at the Riverside Meats abattoir in Echuca, northern Victoria, being pushed towards the slaughterhouse with electric prods and sometimes even thrown.

GLENYS OOGJES, ANIMALS AUSTRALIA: Almost every calf was being prodded and pushed along, so I was just shattered. I just thought this is a horrible way to treat what is the dairy industry's off-cast, their wastage.

HAMISH FITZSIMMONS: But it's not only how some calves are treated in their last minutes that concerns animal welfare groups. Under agreed national regulations, the maximum time an animal can be transported without feed or water is 30 hours. Glenys Oogjes says for young animal this is cruel.

GLENYS OOGJES: They haven't been fed for 24 hours, they're lethargic. You can see they are hollow, that is that they really do need a feed. It's pathetic. It's just horrible.

HAMISH FITZSIMMONS: The industry recognises there is a problem with how bobby calves are sent to slaughter, but believes incidences like those shown in this video are rare

RON PAYNTER, UNITED DAIRY FARMERS VIC: The majority of them are in fact travelling for far less than the mandated 30 hours available for them to be transported in, 18 hours is about the top distance that they're travelling and most are well under 12 hours.

HAMISH FITZSIMMONS: The industry blames the closure of local abattoirs for increasing the time to transport some calves from farm to slaughter.

RON PAYNTER: One of the issues with processing calves has been that the smaller, local, processors have become, well, in fact have closed down over the years. Processing has become more centralised. The challenge has been that it's meant that the distances calves have to travel has increased over time.

HAMISH FITZSIMMONS: The Victorian abattoir regulator, Prime Safe, has investigated the treatment of calves at Riverside Meats in Echuca. Prime Safe didn't consider there was sufficient grounds to prosecute Riverside, so the company was issued with warnings. Prime Safe believes Riverside is now compliant with animal welfare requirements. But Animals Australia believes problems within the industry remain.

GLENYS OOGJES: It says to me that the oversight system, the audit system in place is not working, certainly not protecting the welfare of these animals.

HAMISH FITZSIMMONS: While animal welfare groups lobby for more protection for bobby calves, some farmers are finding solutions of their own, such as using a form of artificial insemination to produce mainly female or heifer calves.

LAUREN FINGER, DAIRY FARMER: The purpose of sex semen is to allow us to have a greater chance of getting a heifer calf. It takes it from about 50/50 with regular semen, up to a good 95 per cent chance of that cow having a heifer calf for us which will then go on to be a replacement milking cow for our herd.

HAMISH FITZSIMMONS: Lauren Finger and her husband Simon have a herd of about 300 cows in Gippsland in Victoria's east. They're pioneering the use of sex semen to produce female cows and would like to get the technique as successful as regular as artificial insemination.

LAUREN FINGER: For us it would be fantastic to get to the point where the sex semen is a comparable conception rate to the regular semen. We can use that over all our herd, we can get mostly heifers, and then we can put some beef bulls in at the end, and all those calves can be sold to be reared as well.

HAMISH FITZSIMMONS: If the work of farmers like Lauren and Simon Finger catches on, scenes like this could become increasingly rare.

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Volunteers from USA
Last December 2011 , Three animal lovers came to S.P.A.R.E. volunteering and helping our shelter for more than 3 weeks. They helped us alot and loved our animals so much. Rachel Langham and Steven Scholes the Cornell's students from USA with Casey their friend .They insisted to come, help , and share, eventhought this was a critical time in Egypt and many foreigners avoided coming to Egypt. Thank alot for your visit and for your donations. They brought for S.P.A.R.E many E-collars which are so useful for the surgical operations for cats and dogs. In addition to some treats they sent later. They really made a big difference and they became members of S.P.A.R.E's family.They enjoyed staying with the dogs and cats, in addition to visiting our Equine Sanctuary in Sakara and enjoyed happy times with Donkeys there . We were so happy with their visit and S.P.A.R.E. is always going to grateful to those who really love animals and want to help. Thanks a lot.

IVSA visit
On 20 November 2011,S.P.A.R.E honorly had visit from IVSA's students who were three vet students in last year from Denemark .They came here as part of there trip to gain Vet.experience in programme of exchanging students who are members of IVSA world wide.They were sent by co-operation between S.P.A.R.E and IVSA members in College of Vet.medicine , Zagazig University .They gain experience of examining the Shelter daily life and to learn about shelter medicine which is very important new sector with spreading of new shelter opened all over world .They had experience of checking the animals in addition to observing Shelter's Animals behavior .S.P.A.R.E as usual open doors in front of co-operating with Vet.students for improving Vets who serve animals world wide.S.P.A.R.E belive that progressing of Animal welfare is such a linked process including Owner , Animal and Veterinarian .Thanks a lot for IVSA for there great efforts they do world wide to help Vet students .

Visit IVSA website

Gabriele Boiselle visit
GABRIELE BOISELLE - PHOTOGRAPHER, PUBLISHER, HORSE-WOMAN Visit to S.P.A.R.E in last 7 November 2011 with here amazing lovely german group who really helped us a lot and they loved our animal in shelter so much . It was such great support for us and we are in need for such even warm words of love and hope which they gave us.we are so thankful for all they did for S.P.A.R.E. Gabriele Boiselle is such a great photographer who is a fighter, strong-willed and clever, courageous and unshakeable. And just as the female warriors before her, she also has a deep, natural love of horses, those noble creatures which play such an important part in her life and in her work. Unlike her ancient ancestors, however, the photographer does not nurture any belligerent ambitions thank goodness! She has swapped the bow and arrow against a camera and fountain pen. And she uses these so powerfully that no-one can escape the fascination of her pictures and her textes

Boiselle website

WAD ( World Animal Day ) October 2011 Photo gallery

WAD ( World Animal Day ) October 2011

WAD ( World Animal Day ) October 2011

WAD ( World Animal Day ) October 2011
WAD ( World Animal Day ) held on 4th of October 2011 under supervision of S.P.A.R.E with it's Ambassador Amina Tharwat Abaza in Sakara where it's S.P.A.R.E's Equine Sancturey .It was such a great chance to collect all members of Animal lovers under one name which is (WAD) such a day when all unite together from different societies working with animal welfare .All chairmen from other societies attended such Day in addition some Veterinarians working with animal welfare from long times . It was such good time to discuss all issues related to animal welfare in Egypt and finding answers and solutions for many problems . S.P.A.R.E as first society founded in Egypt since ten years ( since 2001 ) has big responsability towards animals not only in Egypt but sharing all big family of animals lovers all over world for better future for all living creatures on our lovely planet .ONE LIFE,ONE MISSION & ONE FUTURE .Thanks everyone supported animals and supported S.P.A.R.E .We still having long way to be continued .

watch worldwide WAD celebrations

Cairo Pets Volunteering program
Volunteering programme in co-operation with . It is started since 4-2011 until 7-2011 with many visits and helping for our shelter . Thanks really for those who gave hand of help for our shelter during that time . By help of Sarah Blakmore & Emeline Leavander , the two kind heart girls from USA . They arranged many visits for S.P.A.R.E shelter collecting many volunteers to help in all kinds of daily activities of the shelter as Cleaning of shelter , Grooming of dogs , cats and helping in raising funds of shelter .They really had many finger prints of shelter and they changed alot . They donated with their times and there efforts for helping those kind lovely homeless animals . Everytime they were giving new add to our work and helping more and safing lives of animals . You will find the gallery of photos of those days .we wish you kindly visit us and save one animal's life with your touch of love . We need your help and your love for animals.If you love animals then visit S.P.A.R.E.

Cairo Pets Volunteering program Gallery

cleaning dishes


Agriculture Ministry calls for stiffer penalties against animal cruelty
Agriculture Ministry announced on Thursday that it has prepared an urgent memo to be presented to the interior and justice ministers calling for enforcing a law criminalizing animal cruelty. The law concerns the abuse and poisoning of pets, stray animals or animals used for transport and hauling. During his meeting on Thursday with Amina Abaza, the founder of the Society for Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt (SPARE), Agriculture Minister Ayman Abu Hadid announced his support for international standards protecting animal rights and kindness toward animals. He went on to say that Islam and all major religions promote kindness toward animals. He also said that his ministry, in collaboration with SPARE and the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals, would begin a campaign to control the proliferation of stray animals using non-traditional methods. Meanwhile, Abaza said enforcing the law would help limit animal abuse. Punishment for poisoning animals such as cows, buffaloes and horses could reach up to seven years imprisonment, whereas the sentence for anyone torturing dogs or stray animals would be 6 months. In related news, a number of animal rights activists from the US and UK filed a complaint with the international police organization Interpol calling for the arrest of an Egyptian resident from 6th of October City after a videotape of him torturing a dog and throwing it off a building appeared on Facebook. Translated from the Arabic Edition Source:

Demonstration on 16.4.2011: A success for Animal Rights in Egypt

S.P.A.R.E and other animal welfare organizations Made a big demonstration on the 16th of April 2011 in front of the Cairo Zoo to promote Animal Rights in Egypt.


The representatives of each Animal Welfare Organization met with the Egyptian minister of Agriculture Mr Ayman Abou Hadid, for the first time in the history of Animal Welfare in Egypt the mister decided to open an office in his ministry that will be the official Animal Welfare office, that will work with all the AW Egyptian Organizations. (Attached Picture of Animal welfare representatives and S.P.A.R.E representative Amina Abaza with Mr Ayman Abou Hadid, Egyptian minister of agriculture)


The topics we have discussed with the minister were:




1-Animals used in veterinary Schools and animal testing should be limited and supervised by Animal Welfare Organizations.


2-Wild animals should be banned and not imported anymore. Egypt has to respect CITES agreement.


3-Killing stray dogs and cats with Strychnine and bullets should be stopped and replaced by humane methods like sterilising.


4-One or two representatives from Animal Welfare organizations will meet the Minister of Agriculture regularly to discuss and solve the problems related to Animals in Egypt.


5-Slaughter houses and how we can improve the animal condition in it.


6-Coordination with animal groups for National campaign of TNR.


7-Pet shops: Authorized parties or authorities to give license must be GOVS + Health + City Council. All should be checked on a weekly basis by vets and AW organizations should be part of the committee which regularly checks conditions.


8-Humane transportation methods for rabbit and chicken.


9-Stricter demands on slaughter houses.


10-All camels, horses and donkeys used for tourism have to be under special regulations and supervision of tourism police and veterinary authorities and should be confiscated in case of maltreatment, injury or disease.


11-Licensing equines pulling carts and putting them under veterinary supervision every six month.


12-Immediate confiscation of all domestic animals tied up inside and outside zoo, lion village etc.


13-Review and discussion on possible changing the head of Veterinary Authorities. (getting a permanent reliable head).

Dear Friends of S.P.A.R.E.,

S.P.A.R.E.'s Shelter will remain open, but we're going to be doing things a little bit differently.

We believe that animal welfare is a community effort, and all of the emails and phone calls we get from people show a collective love for animals.

We're going to keep rescuing animals, but we want you to help us.

The Shelter will be a smaller scale animal shelter, with a maximum of 15 cats and 15 dogs.

If you rescue an animal, we will keep it in the Shelter - depending on space availability - and we encourage you to sponsor that animal throughout its stay at the Shelter: that you cover all expenses (food, vaccinations, microchipping, traveling).  

We believe that in this way, we can rescue more animals and that we can find those animals more homes, faster.

S.P.A.R.E.'s Board

World Animal Day Celebration
S.P.A.R.E. and WAD by Amina Abaza

World Animal Day was celebrated this year by S.P.A.R.E. and dedicated animal welfare activists, animal lovers and veterinary school students.

The speeches given about Animal Welfare took place in a conference room full of over 120 students: all enthusiastic, all listening, all asking questions...

This was one of  the best events I ever had in  my 10 years of career: the animal welfare message was delivered and everybody felt it.

Speeches were given by:
Dr. Fathy Farouk Veterinary Faculty Vice President
Dr. Rabie Fayed Professor of Animal Behaviour
Dr Mourad Ragheb Donkey Sanctuary
Dr. Shehab el Din Abd El Hamid, President of the Egyptian Federation of Animal Welfare Organisations
Amina Abaza  Egyptian WAD Ambassador

WAD Celebration Photogallery

WAD Celebration

WAD Celebration

Dear Animal Welfare Societies and Animal Activists,


Hope you are all doing well and succeeding in our noble cause in bringing a brighter future for the animals of the world.

As the Egyptian  Ambassador of the World Animal day, I would like to announce that a celebration of the WAD will be held at the Veterinary University  of Cairo on October 4th 2010 . It is with great pleasure that we announce that this year, for the first time, the Egyptian Federation for Animal Welfare organizations headed by Dr. Shehab Abdel-Hamied will participate in the celebration of the animals of our world.

I would like to take this occasion to invite all interested animal activists and animal organizations to join S.P.A.R.E. and EFAW in celebrating the World Animal Day at the Veterinary University of Cairo and also  in Alexandria with the new animal welfare organization ANIMAL AID ALEXANDRIA.

For those of you who are interested in participating, please contact us for further details.

If for any reason you are unable to join us in this celebration, please celebrate and remember the animals on October 4th in whatever manner and venue you find suitable. The more of us celebrating this day, the more exposure and impact we will have in the public perception towards the World Animal Day and its purpose.

Thank you all for your efforts in helping our fellow non-human animals.

Lets make this day a memorable day for them!

Best Wishes,
Amina Tharwat Abaza
S.P.A.R.E Founder and President
Egyptian Ambassador for World Animal Day
Ursa Freedom Project Ambassador


Tribute to Mme May: A Great Loss

It is with great sadness that we announce that S.P.A.R.E has lost Madame Egytzia Romeo (known to everyone as May) on Sunday 20th June 2010 at 9pm.

A few words from Amina: "She gave her life to S.P.A.R.E as a manager and to myself and my family as a close and dear friend. She took with her a piece of me when she left us last night. It is rare to meet such a beautiful, kind and generous soul, whose loyalty, determination and pure love radiated everywhere she went.

We brought her 6 dogs to shelter, I promise her that I will take good care of them. Sadly, however, one of her dogs did not wake up this morning: it simply died of grief. Her other dog, Bungi, who has been living in the Shelter already, was howling all of last night, as the workers told me. This is beyond doubt a testimony to this beautiful woman - her spirit is felt by those closest to her at all time.

May her soul rest in peace. I will never forget this angel, please pray for her."

Photo Tribute



One of the milestones we have reached, after ten years of work, is implementing a pilot TNR project that we strongly believe will be the first stepping stone in effectively changing the fate of stray animals in Egypt. In co-operation with WSPA, the GOVS (who are joining us for the first time in Egypt), Brooke Hospital and the Egyptian Animal Welfare Federation, the 5 year program in Haddayek El Haram will pave the way for humane stray animal control methods in Egypt.

Simply put, stray cats and dogs will no longer be shot by the GOVs, but will be trapped, neutered and released (TNR) back into their environment, and will no longer have to suffer at the mercy of poisoning and shooting sprees. For the rest of 2010, we will be concentrating all of our efforts on getting this program on the go (ready for 2011) and supporting the campaign with extensive awareness programs to educate people about the benefits of TNR.

Domain Horus
S.P.A.R.E's main sponsor
World Animal Day

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