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Animal rescues
We rescue all animals in need, be they strays subjected to cruelty, or pets and animals mistreated by their owners. We will shelter any abused or wounded animals. We also treat 10 to 30 cases of sick and abused animals every day: including pets, equines, livestock and strays.
Legal Jurisdiction
Since animal welfare societies in Egypt donít have legal jurisdiction to interfere in cases of animal abuse, we primarily appeal to peopleís ethics and compassion to rescue and treat animals.
For example: we canít walk into someoneís home and remove abused animals, but we can speak to them about ways in which we can help, and offer treatment for the animal.
We canít go into a pet shop and legally close it down, or take abused animals (so we sometimes end up buying them), but we do speak to the pet shop owners, educate them about responsible animal welfare, and go back and check on the pet shop time and again.
We canít force a cruel donkey owner to give up his donkey, but we do speak to him about the way he should be treating his donkey (and we have bought many a donkey).
Rescue Teams
Our staff are trained to trap animals, using blow pipes and nets.
The blow pipes are used to tranquilize very frightened or aggressive animals; the calmer animals are usually caught using a net, after which we place the animals in cat or dog carriers for a safe ride back to the Shelter.
In many instances, especially with very abused animals, we give them calming medication to reduce panic and to be able to handle them.

Animal shelters
The Shelters stand as the main channels of activity. We run a dog shelter, a cat shelter, and the only equine sanctuary in Egypt.
We will never turn any sick, abused or wounded animal away from the Shelter.

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