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What to do with strays in your area
Stray Animals
Stray animals are homeless, hungry... They come into the city in search of food and shelter. Kindness and compassion go a long way – generally, if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you.
One of the biggest problems we face in Egypt is the stray animal population, not least of which because the control of this problem is inhumane. For example, killing 30 or 40 dogs won’t solve the stray dog problem – more dogs will simply come to the city from the mountains, in search of food, shelter and human contact. And the cycle begins again.
We must all, as a nation, look at the bigger impact of stray animals on our society, and work together to solve it in a progressive and humane way.
Stray Animals in Your Area
If there are stray animals in your area, contact us.
General Guidelines
Never show fear to these animals. Very often, they are as scared of you as you are of them. They’re hungry, tired, hurt, sick. Don’t immediately assume they want to hurt you.
Don’t come near them, so as to avoid any injury from possibly unsterilized animals.
TNR Program
Contact us to sterilize.
We operate a TNR program, meaning after trapping, spaying/neutering and vaccinating stray animals, we release them back into their environment, if it safe for them. This helps control the stray animal population, and makes it safer for the community.
Dr. Nick de Souza, Middle East and North Africa Director for WSPA International:
“[…animals] that are sterilized convert food to body mass more effectively and are therefore bigger and stronger and better able to defend their territories.
These sterilized [animals] then prevent other [animals] immigrating into the area so the population remains stable. They are also vaccinated against rabies, which provides some comfort to the residents in the area.
[They] also live longer so the overall age of the population in the area goes up. These older animals have a wealth of experience and are less intrusive, causing fewer conflict incidents.”
Community Service
We can come to your area, assess the stray animal population, and offer advice on the situation.
Animal Cruelty
If the stray animals in your area are being subjected to any abuse, try to intervene. Speak to the person(s) involved. Let us know about it, and we can offer advice, and even mediation.
If possible, take photos, and note the date, time and place of the occurrence.
Feeding Stray Animals: To Feed or Not to Feed?
Stray animals face problems from all sides: members of the community who do not want them there; harsh stray animal control methods that leave them for dead.
It is therefore a breath of fresh air when we see, or hear, of someone being kind to an animal in otherwise dire circumstances. Compassion and empathy are amazing traits to have.
However, at S.P.A.R.E., we believe in responsible animal welfare: our cause aims to benefit the animals, the animals within the community, and the community itself.
At face value, feeding stray animals is a kind and generous act, full of compassion, love and respect for those animals in need.
At a deeper level, if not done properly, feeding strays could place the animals in danger: people who don’t want them there might torture them or kill them.
If the animals are not sterilized, but are receiving regular feedings, they become stronger, have more children, the stray animal population goes up, and there are more animals available for cruelty!
Therefore, feeding must be done responsibly and with a progressive outlook regarding the bigger picture for your community, of stray animals in Egypt as a whole, and especially of controlling the stray animal population.
If you do feed stray animals in your area, or know of someone who does, please follow these guidelines.


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