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Getting a Pet
At S.P.A.R.E., we encourage all prospective pet owners to adopt a pet from S.P.A.R.E.
However, should you be considering purchasing a companion animal, we urge you to avoid puppy mills, pet shops that mistreat animals, or vendors whose animals are kept under dire circumstances.
Reputable Breeders Please consider buying from reputable breeders (go to You and Your Pet for information on where to purchase a pet).
People You Know It is also a good option to buy a pet from a close friend or relative: a person you are sure will have treated the puppies, and their dame and sire, in an ethical and humane manner.
Wildlife Wild animals are not pets! Lions, monkeys, crocodiles, snakes, owls, eagles etc are not pets.
Many people are ill-equipped to look after them.
Mostly, these animals are bought and sold in the black market, and S.P.A.R.E. does not in any way encourage owning them.
If demand for these animals goes down, then the vendors will no longer make them available for purchase.
Pet Planet The pedigree dogs complete with passports and papers are actually transported to Cairo via crate from Eastern Europe. Many puppies are placed in one crate and flown over to Cairo, where they are kept in an apartment downtown and brought to the pet shop when an interested customer requests it.
The living conditions are terrible, with several puppies kept together in one room, urinating and defacating everywhere. They are unvaccinated and are fed little food, but are sold for exorbitant prices, starting from 5000 l.e.
Many people purchase dogs from that petshop, but are unaware of the condition that the animals are kept in.

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